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    Mouse click stops working while using After Effects CS5

    heywhatsupitsbob Level 1

      So this is a new one for me: after working in AE for a bit, the computer will stop responding to mouse clicks. I can use the keyboard and move the cursor, but none of the buttons or the scrollwheel will result in anything. The only programs I have open are AE and sometimes Photoshop CS5. I tried plugging in a different mouse, same thing. Putting the machine to sleep and waking it up doesn't fix it either. The only solution seems to be rebooting, which is mighty inconvenient.


      I'm running OSX 10.6.5 on a 2x2.8ghz Mac Pro with 32 gigs of RAM, and using the standard wired Apple Pro Keyboard with Apple Optical USB Mouse. Anyone know might be causing this?