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    Insert SWF is not functional

    tiertrng2010 Level 1

      Presenter 7, Powerpoint 2007.


      I'm trying to insert a .swf file into a slideshow using the Insert SWF button.


      When I click it, nothing happens.Same result when I click Import Video.


      Tried restart, still not working.

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          tiertrng2010 Level 1

          After all updates up to Presenter 7.05, I can now insert a SWF.


          It does not play or display,even after publishing.


          The SWF was created in Captivate 4, using AS2 and compatible with Flash Player 7.


          Nearly everytime I need to do something with Presenter or Captivate, I need to come to the forums and find a work around or bug fixes.

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            tiertrng2010 Level 1

            Since inserting a swf is not a functional feature in Presenter, what would is the prefered video format to insert?

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              Hi there.


              I hate to address a question with a question(s), but might I ask, when you say you tried to click the .swf once it was imported thru Presenter to the PPT and nothing happened, what do you mean exactly?


              Are you trying to edit the .swf in PowerPoint?
              Have you published and are not seeing the imported .swf in the presentation?


              I have done a few tests with the Insert SWF feature in Presenter 7, and 9 times out of 10, it imports correctly. Do you have the latest patch, 7.0.6., installed?


              If you are running into problems importing a Captivate .swf thru Presenter, check out this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3072813#3072813


              If the imported media is misbehaving in general once you publish, check the file size of your media. Double check the number of slides per presentation, as a general rule, try to keep it under 60 slides. It helps reduce the number of quirky publishing errors you encounter.

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                I was unable to have imported swfs display once publishing. Saving the powerpoint file down as a ppt as opposed to pptx resolved my issue.