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    MIDI implementation & Audition on the Mac? Been Waiting patiently since the Cool Edit days..........


      Has anyone tried the MIDI features on the Mac Beta version? I know version 3.0 for windows has rudimentary MIDI features, including a piano roll that works with a handful of soft synths. Is this/will this be featured on the Mac version? Are the MIDI features going to be updated and improved in future versions?


      I have been a faithful user of Audition since the Cool Edit days. It’s my favourite program for audio editing, music production and mastering. I especially enjoyed the simplicity of Adobe Audition 1.5.


      When Audition was still called Cool Edit ten years ago I was amongst those eagerly hoping for MIDI implementation. Like many users I use Audition along side other MIDI editors and patiently import audio between programs. Like many original users I’m not interested in fancy video editing and dilution of the audio engine. Please, please include standard MIDI features and produce the perfect all-in-one audio editor that Cool Edit was always destined to be.


      Do we need to start another online petition? We’ve been patiently waiting such a long time…………