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    Why do I have to export to AVI to get good quality on dvd (Premiere 9)?


      Hello -


      I have been having trouble with the quality of the movie created using burn dvd in Premiere Elements 9.  I created the same movie (very short and basic with a couple stills and short video clips for testing purposes) in Premiere Elements 4 and the quality was great using the same basic project settings...DV NTSC standard or widescreen....so the problem is with the DVD burn straight from the project in Premiere 9.


      To work around the problem, I have figured out that if I export the project as an AVI file and then create a new project and import that AVI file and then burn the DVD, the quality is better (but still not quite as good as the dvd from Premiere 4).


      I really don't want to have to do this extra step, and I don't know if I am losing anything by doing it this way, so does anyone have any ideas as to why this would be?


      Also, my original project was created as a DV widescreen project exported to AVI but when I tried inserting the avi file into my timeline in my new project set as widescreen the message popped up telling me it was the wrong project settings and it wants to set it back to 4:3...why?