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    I need to delete premiere elements, all of it


      I downloaded the free

      trial of elements 8 and since tried to delete it.

      It did not delete completely and still fills my F:/ drive but there is no reference to it in my list of programs.

      I tried downloading again thinking I could try 'Remove programs" again and hopefully get rid of all of it. But the new download won't work or even show on the list of programs either.

      PLEASE HELP, my F drive is now full, but I don't want to have to re-format it and lose every other program there.

      I asked online and was told I would receive email one week ago. BUT NO REPLY CAME

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          nealeh Level 5

          I'd persevere with getting a good download and reinstall / uninstall as you previously tried. If that is still not working you could try Revo Uninstaller Pro (I think only the Pro version allows the uninstall of corrupted uninstallers). You could also just delete all the Folders created by PRE then use CCleaner to clear out your registry. This last is really a worst case option as just deleting folders of applications is not something I usually advocate.


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