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    Where's all the books?


      Maybe its just me but wheres all the ebooks?

        I can only find the free sampler page...  am i missing something?

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          I am with you Major, I have downloaded six ebooks from my local library and don't see them in ADE.  My library instruction said to download ADE and I did. I've done everything to make sure the installation was done properly.  Even deinstalled ADE and reinstalled it......along with flash.  Authorized the computer, the hold nine.  I've been trying for four days now.  None of my ebooks are listed and I'm wondering if anyone can help with this.  I'm running a MacBook Pro laptop and also an Mac desktop.  Nothing!!!!  I'm so frustrated right now.  I'm sure my nook color with get them off ADE once they get there.  Thanks~

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            What is Flash is that something else I have to download? my directions in the book say to select flash which is the internal memory and I will be taken to a sub folder called RECORD? I have not seen any Flash or Record folder and have not been given any instructions to do so.Can you tell me where that came from Please?