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    Strange resort when checkbox clicked in itemRenderer

    BluePattern Level 1
      I've got some strange behavior going on with my mx:list component...perhaps some of you have seen something similar?

      Here's what I've got goin' on: I have a large model with multiple views. Each view has a number of sliders bound to properties of part of the model...so I'm using a ListCollectionView as the dataProvider so I can provide different filters for each view.

      Each view is a list with some controls for each row: a checkbox to activate the row and a slider to change the value. The user selects the checkbox to "activate" the slider, then changes the value.

      However, something really weird happens when you select the checkbox. Whichever row is selected for some reason jumps to the top of the list, regardless of whether it's being activated or de-activated. Wha?

      Has anybody experienced this kind of behavior? I'm flabbergasted.

      When the user selects the checkbox, I manually update the property it is bound to (data.isFaultEnabled) as a way to get two-way binding. For some reason this assignment is what's causing the problem ... commenting it out stops the weird behavior.

      Any ideas or thoughts much appreciated.

      - Daniel McQ