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    can't scroll down the page on eBook reader

    allanwiltshire Level 1

      I have downloaded the Adobe Digital editions software to my PC, authorized it for the PC and EBook reader as per the instructions. The system works great on the PC and I can transfer files to the ebook reader, but when accessing the file on the ebook reader and increase the font to be able to read the ebook, the scroll function of the reader goes to the next page, same os the next page button. If you leave it in the smallest font, the whole page is there. but to try and read it is almost impossible. Can you offer any suggestions?

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          I have the same problem. All my ADE ebooks from my corporate library are all PDF versions and the navigation is incorrect for the use case. Navigation of page up or down should be relative to the display not the physical page. I am dreading trying to read them on an ebook. This is on Windows 7 with ADE 4.5. I only have ADE as the choice in ebook readers because of the DRM content.


          It is funny that the "Reading" menu indicates that previous and next are "Page Up" and "Page Down" when clearly they are referring to pages and not the "Reading" view for which should be the focus.


          When can we expect a fix for this Adobe?