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    Premiere CS5 (win7 x64) won't recognize my Mini-DV camcorder.


      I have Premiere Pro CS5 installed on a Windows 7  64-bit system.


      When I try to Capture, I keep getting the error message:  "Can't Activate Recorder. Try Resetting Camera."


      the whole set-up worked fine on my XP system with Premiere Pro 1.5.



      Extra info:


      • The Mini-DV camcorder is a Panasonic NV-DS33   (but personally I think it has nothing to do with my camera because I have seen so many threads online regarding this issue and no-one has any decent answer!)
      • the firewire cable is fine because it works on my old XP computer.
      • in premiere, if I change the camera to an HDV, then suddenly I can CONTROL the camera, but I can't capture)
      • Windows 7 (x64 bit) recognizes the Camcorder in the Device Manager (and says it is working properly).
      • I have tried several other DV capturing softwares (Stoik, Scenalyzer, WinDv). I have even tried my old Premiere Pro 1.5 on my 64-bit system.. and NONE OF IT WILL CAPTURE MY CAMCORDER!


      This is very frustrating. I need my new win7 (x64) Premiere CS5 to capture successfully. I have spent a LOT of money on this new system. What on earth is the problem?


      (i saw one thread on a similar issue regarding a 32-bit installation of Win 7, and it is marked as ANSWERED! but in my opinion, (from the amount of forums on many other sites) this issue is definitely not fixed.


      is there any update to Premiere CS5? or a workaround? or anything else I should know?


      PS: it is not an option for me to keep using my old computer to Capture video and then transfer it to my new system. i am passing my old system on to another person.


      many thanks