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    Spark combobox tab navigation issue, if we integrate with Datagrid as item editor

    Sudhakar Kakaraparthi



      I would like to use editable combo box as item editor for Datagrid component. Just I am doing some POC on mx:Datagrid and s:Combobox as item editor.


      Problem is, if we type something on combo and press TAB then the new value is not showing. I did RCA and I found that,


      Scenario #1: Type something on combobox and press enter, then the dropdown will be closed and selectedtem of combo box will be updated properly. Now press tab then control will be focused to next column, that time edit end of the datagrid will be called and dataprovider will be updated properly.


      Scenario #2: Type something on combobox and press tab (drop down will be in open mode), since focus is going out from the current cell, datagrid item edit end will be invoked and it will modify the dataprovider of datagrid with old value and it will destroy the item editor. That time close handler of the combo box will be invoked and selecteditem will be updated properly. But it doesn't reflect in datagrid dataprovider.


      I am using some work arround for Scenario #2.


      Can any one help me to understand why Adobe not considered this case, Since, I would like to know my fix consequences.