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    Updated dataprovider item not reflected in item renderer

    wmiller453 Level 1

      Ok, I have a simple datagrid and I have a custom MXML item renderer. The item renderer is basically responsible for formatting a date item and displaying some other text so nothing too complicated. In my datagrid, when I select a row, the data populates an associated form with the selected row's data. After I update the data the changes are made to the underlying dataprovider for the grid, but the item renderer doesn't update with the new information. Is there something specific I need to do? I would have thought that by updating an item within the dataprovider it would cause the item renderers to reflect the change. I've tried calling invalidateDisplayList() on the datagrid and refreshing the arraycollection data provider but it doesn't do anything.


      BTW... I can't copy/paste my code because it's on a closed network not accessable to the WWW.