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    Impose tray selection

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      I was looking for a way to make a tray selection and eventually ended up in property that exists in the Print dialog box: "Choose paper source by PDF paper size".

      If we have a pdf with 2 different page sizes across the document and a printer with 2 corresponding trays predefined to these page sizes then each page will print to the right tray determined by the current page's page size.

      But if all pages in the pdf have the same size e.g. A4 and we still want tray selection on certain pages? For example in the first tray we have blue A4 and in the second tray yellow A4?

      I thought that some good idea is to rotate 90 degrees of pages that intended for the second tray. For example we suppose that tray 1 has predefined page size 21x29,7 and tray 2 to 29,7x21. In the first tray will be printed the original A4 (portrait) and in the second tray the rotated (landscape) pages. The only

      drawback of this method is that the output pages from the second tray must un rotated.

      Am I right or it will recognize the trays as same?  Has anyone other solution?