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    Errors in Flash Builder 4 Setup

    Chaz, W


      I have been working on this issue for almost a month.

      Can anyone help me with this?

      This is my setup:

      Windows 7


      SQL Server 2008 RS

      ColdFusion 8 with LCDS

      Flash builder 4

      I moved from this setup that worked.

      Windows XP

      SQL Server 2005

      ColdFusion 8 with LCDS

      Flex 3

      I had the data management working fine I was able to use the RDS in flex 3 with no error.

      Now on my current setup I am having the following errors

      When I try to setup my RDS Configuration Server this is what I am getting when I test the connection

      Unable to contact the RDS Server. This can be caused by incorrect configuration on either the client or the server.

      Please verify your connection details below or check your servers documentation on how to enable RDS for your server.


      The HTTP request to talk to your server returned with the following message:

      Permission denied: connect

      This is when I try to connect to the data service.

      faultCode:Server.Processing faultString:'No destination with id 'destination name' is registered with any service.' faultDetail:'null'


      I search the web and cannot find an answer for these problem, can anyone on this forum help me out.