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    Can't get ADE files to open on my Nook Color


      I have now spent several hours googling this problem, trying every solution I've found, and still can not resolve the problem. When I try to open files on my Nook Color I get the message that the user is not authorized. I have authorized my computer via ADE but when I open ADE it never sees my Nook Color even though my computer sees it. I read the advice about deleting the ADE files on my Nook but I don't see any ADE files there. I also read Adobe's advice to authorize the Nook to the same Adobe account but I have no idea how you do that. I don't have anywhere on my Nook Color to link to an Adobe account. This has been extremely frustrating as the number one reason I chose the Nook Color was so that I could buy through independent book sellers, which I can't do if ADE isn't working.