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    Combo Box Items, Again


      Need help with combo box items again.  I have a script that gets values from text fields within the same form and displays the values as items in the combo box.  This works perfectly; however, when I select an item from the list, the item does not stick/show when selected and the field goes blank.


      Script is below:

      var l = this.getField("T1T1 Name");
      value1 = this.getField("Name1").value;
      value2 = this.getField("Name2").value;
      value3 = this.getField("Name3").value;
      value4 = this.getField("Name4").value;
      value5 = this.getField("Name5").value;
      value6 = this.getField("Name6").value;
      value7 = this.getField("Name7").value;
      value8 = this.getField("Name8").value;
      value9 = this.getField("Name9").value;
      value10 = this.getField("Name10").value;
      l.setItems([" ", value1, value2, value3, value4, value5, value6, value7, value8, value9, value10,]);


      "T1T1 Name" represents the combo box name


      When I take the first line of the script out, the item values stick/show when selected and I go to the next field but they don't update when additional values are entered in the "Name" fields.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.