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    Captcha has suddenly stopped working

    budeborton Level 1

      Just recently (over the past week or so) ADDT captcha has stopped working on all sites, on one server.


      • When the page is loaded, the captcha image is created on the server. I have verified the creation, and the image file looks fine.
      • The page cannot seem to "show" the image. It shows up as a broken image - however, when I right click on the broken image, the path to the image that was just created appears to be correct.
      • Obviously, because nobody can see the image - they don't know what to enter in the box.


      This is occuring on an IIS6 server running PHP 5.2.12.

      PHP has not bee updated or changed recently (ie; config files have not changed) nor has IIS6 gone through any known changes. I cannot tell if this problem occurred at a similar time as the latest Windows 2003 patch Tuesday - but I do not believe so. These were working for at least a week after those latest updates.


      Has anybody else encountered a problem with Captcha recently? Any suggestions?

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          budeborton Level 1

          If anyone else encounters this problem (I suspect it's a Windows/IIS change) this is how I corrected it.


          1: Open "includes/common/lib/captcha/KT_Captcha.config.php" (make a backup of this file before you change it).

          2: In line 2 change this "/../../_temp/.captcha/" to this "/../../temp/captcha/"

          3: In line 3 change this "includes/common/_temp/.captcha/" to this "includes/common/temp/captcha/"


          Effectively what I have done is created a new directory structure for Captcha. Intead of a folder called "_temp" it now uses "temp". Also, instead of a folder called ".captcha" it uses "captcha".


          I figure the "dot" in front of captcha was likely the issue, but still changed them both. I'm not sure why - but these changes made it start working again.