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    VSlider showing misaligned labels


      Hi All,


      I am trying to build a Vslider with dynamic tickValues.

      Follwing is an example similar to one of my cases:


      <mx:VSlider id="slider" x="200" y="200" tickValues="[32,50,150,200]" labels="[$32,$50,$150,$200]" labelOffset="10" tickOffset="10" tickLength="8" tickThickness="2" snapInterval="1" maximum="200" minimum="32" />


      The challenge that I am having is that, when I execute this code, it looks like this:

      As you can notice, even though the ticks are at right places, the labels are not aligned. What can I do to rectify these kind of issues? Even if I remove the last label, the labels are still misaligned.


      I would appreciate if I could get some help.