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    Learning Flex but...Reluctant

      I'm learning Flex here but I find it not that responsive, for instance when you scroll up and down the scroll bar quickly, it doesn't go as fast as the mouse (I have a good computer: Pentium D 3.2 / 1GB RAM). It's not as fast as a regular computer application, it's a little sad.

      Other than that I don't know exactly when I will use Flex in the real world. It's nice and all, but as an end-user I feel more comfortable with a regular web page with lots of javascript (drag & drop feature, ajax). I find it more snappy, and visually more integrated to the operating system.

      The Flex synthax is not difficult at all, especially when you have a programming background (Javascript, Actionscript...), but the problem I'm faced with is use of Flex in real life. I'm afraid of learning Flex and afterwards, never using it (this is what happened when I learnt Flash). Do you create your applications mostly in Flex or in advanced Javascript? Do you have specific cases where you prefer using Flex over Javascript?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          One primary advantage is the ease of cross-platform complexity and consistency. That is extremely difficult using javascript-dhtml.
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            The cross-platform advantage is probably one of the biggest. I find it easier to create complex applications that involve drag/drop, charts, grids, etc in Flex rather than Ajax, not to mention including animation is also easier which really improves usability. I haven't come across any security issues due to the application being a SWF file. I'm required every now and then to create applications to be used within the company, I turn to Flex immediately because of the amount of control Flex offers due to being able to run events/methods at runtime.