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    Premiere Elements 8/9 Windows 7 64bit



      I was running Premiere Elements 8 on Windows 7 32 bit with little to no problems.

      I recently Upgraded my system primarily for more RAM to use with video editing and upgraded to the 64 bit version of Windows 7.

      I re-installed elements 8 and the same format of video that was fine on the 32 bit now showed up as a red screen in playback through elements with audio.

      This wasn't the only problem.  Sometimes when starting up elements the home screen was just blank and would not show the timeline or any other boxes for that matter.

      I decided to purchase elements 9.0 and so didn't try too hard to iron out the above details.

      However I'm now experiencing the very same problems with version 9.

      When the program starts up (no error messages) the screen just shows me the shell  and no other boxes show including the timeline!!!

      Everything is greyed out other than starting new project again which throws up the same scenario.

      PLEASE HELP!!!!!


      PS I have also tried changing the project settings but to no avail