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    Does PP CS5 For Mac Change Date Stamps?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I have 3 PCs and just added 1 new Mac running PP.    I'm 99.9% positive when I relink my clips on the Mac machine,  PP (Mac?) changes the clips' creation dates.  Why in the world would it even touch them?  It doesn't on my PCs.  I'm not changing anything, just reading the files.


      The reason this is such a big deal to me is because we host all of our video files on a 12 TB network, and have automatic synchronization pushing the necessary clips/files onto local drives (so we can work off of local drives instead of the network while editing).

      But every time PP for Mac reads the files, it does more than read; it changes the file dates.  Then my sync program thinks the files are new or revisions and then pushes hundreds (thousands?) of gigs of the SAME FILES over the network thinking that the clips/files have changed, when in fact just the date has changed.  This clogs up my network for several hours...   no bueno!


      PP shouldn't be changing clip dates, or doing ANY writing to files, right?  It should be reading the info only.


      Am I off somewhere?