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    Fairly new and needing some help with editing


      I've got a very specific thing I'm trying to do, however, I'm not too familiar with much terminology.


      The goal: I have some 90 frames of a man running toward the camera with a giant sniper scope crosshair pointing at him. The crosshair stretches across the screen and covers the man both vertically and horizontally center.. I would like to edit out the crosshair to where it does not cover the man at all for all 90 frames so that I can later duplicate this new edited version into another video.


      I have Adobe After Effects CS5 as well as Photoshop CS5.


      I was able to somewhat clone stamp out most of the black lines covering his body without it looking too bad, however, I have had some difficulty as far as getting the black line off of his face without making him look like some sort of mutant. I was just wondering if there was an easier/more time efficiant way of doing this through either one of these programs.