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    Waveform monitor accuracy?

    Butch2oc Level 1

      When I have been grading footage (uncompressed 10 bit timeline) my waveform displays levels as being clipped. Then when I render I get readings above a volt and below pedestal or super black & white as some people call it so therefore using the full color space. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to work around this issue. I like knowing that the detail is still there in the blacks and the whites but it would be good to see those values while grading. I am assuming that unrendered readings are at a lower bit depth.

      One other strange thing I discovered is that when I place a black solid over the top of everything and apply its transfer mode as screen and then render, it works as a clipper. Clipping all values below ped and above a volt.

      Does this then mean my final rendered footage is at a lower bit depth etc or just I have just found a quwerky way of clipping?

      Cheers & Merry New year to all

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          Butch2oc Level 1

          Can anyone educate me with this one? Still not answered.

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            Level 4

            not really sure what you do with the original color correction..but what I do is use levels to bring the highlights and blacks INTO the range ( below 100 ( 110 ) and above 7.5 ( 0 )...to bring everything more or less ( depending on scene and so on ) within the 1 volt pp...when I render I dont "get" stuff that is different than what I see on the scope and monitor ( image )....except of course the stupid variations inherent in compressions and so on.


            theres a broadcast color thing that may help you limit your levels ? Im not really sure what you are doing...


            I use CS3, so there may be differences with cs5



            my scope doesnt show stuff above 110 or so, or below 0 about.. but it isnt actually "clipping" stuff there...it just doesnt show you what is above and below...using levels you can drag that stuff up and down and see what you have...and if you want to you can let stuff blow out or close up, but you dont see it on the scope, you see it on the monitor ( image )

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I've never noticed any kind of "clipping" in the waveform monitor.  If I have values above or below the norm, they show up.

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                Butch2oc Level 1

                I will upload screen grabs in a days time... (still on beak) I should of done this at the start.

                It's obvious no levels are being clipped, they just appear that way on my waveform before I render.

                Cheers & Thanks