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    PDF acceleration F5 BigIP WA and double byte characters

      We have been trying to use the F5 appliance from BigIP to accelerate the delivery of PDF files from SharePoint over the WAN.  However, we encountered problems with the double-byte files many months ago and have been trying to resolve the problem with F5.  We have turned off PDF acceleration on the F5 because of the problems.  The problem occurs when PDF files have Kanji characters in the file name.  If the file names are English (single byte) the problem does not occur, even if the content of the PDF contains Kanji characters.
      After many months of working with F5, they are now saying that the problem is with the Adobe plug-in to Internet Explorer.  Specifically they say:
      The issue is a result of Adobe's (not F5's) handling of the linearization request of PDF’s with the Japanese character set over 300 KB when the Web Accelerator is enabled on the BigIP (F5) appliance.  We assume the issue exists for all double-byte languages, not only Japanese.  If a non-double byte character set is used, this works fine.  “Linearization” is a feature which allows the Adobe web plug-in to start displaying the PDF file while it is still being downloaded in the background.
      The F5 case number is available to anybody from Adobe if interested.
      The F5 product management  and the F5 Adobe relationship manager have been made aware of this and will bring this issue up to Adobe.  But this is as far as F5 is willing to pursue as a resolution.  F5 consider this an Adobe issue, not a F5 issue.
      Anybody know if this is truly a bug with the PDF browser plug-in?  Anybody else experienced this?