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    What spit, chewing gum or other gunk will get my resized video to center vertically ?

    VirtualCoder Level 1

      Hi folks,


      Flex 4 is driving me bananas !


      I have an application with a slider for resizing a YouTube video that I load with SWFLoader. While the video is resizing OK, the VBox (tried HBox and just about everything I could) the VBox refuses to center the video vertically. I have set verticalAlign to true. I have tried invalidateSize() and/or invalidateDisplayList() on the VBox and all the different types of containers that I have tried.


      Another issue that is just plain bizarre is that application resize=onResize() seems to be fired just before the containers' sizes are changed. Is this done intentially or what? I have managed to gunk it together with setInterval() to delay it by 10 ms but BOY does it feel like a kluge.


      Thanks for your help,