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    Acrobat and Reader X - Daily Update Alerts



      On a daily basis, i receive an Alert from Adobe indicating there is a download. When I click on details, I am taken to a page on Adobe's website entitled Release Notes.

      The Release is dated 11/10, for 10.0 .PDF origin (??????). In any event, I downloaded it. Next day, got the exact same Alert. After that, I simply deleted Alert. I've written to Adobe (guess what: no response; why am I not surprised?). I still receive daily Alerts for the same update. I have gone to my update page (I have Windows XP Pro, which I love); the update was NEVER loaded.

      My questions: 1) how can I get Adobe to stop sending me these pesky Alerts and 2) why are they sent daily, when they never load?

      This is making me nuts, wasting my time, etc.

      This is what's on my computer:

      Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX

      Adobe Flash Player 10Plug-in

      Adobe Reader 9

      Adobe Reader 9.3.4

      Adobe Reader 9.4.1

      Adobe Shockware Player 11.5

      Thanks in advance for anyone's help.