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    Java configuration questions

    will streeter


      I am trying to install the plugin for Flash Builder 4.5 on a mac and I tried this plugin and I get


      "Cannot complete the request.  See the error log for details."


      ... can't seem to find the logs... but perhaps that's a different question especially if I have to install or download some sdk stuff first..


      My java is  bit rusty ... mostly working in flex and actionscript these days... but more over I'm kind of a noob on  macs and have never installed the whole enchilada (mysql, tomcat, apache) on a mac so I come seeking


      1. Good  tutorial about setting up Flash builder to Work with Java sdk and J2EE ...


      2.   Does any one know any good tutorials about setting up java, tomcat, and mysql on mac


      Any help or advice would be much appreciated...Thanks


      Over and Out