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      This is a question for the field,


      I've purchased an epub book from Simon & Shuster.  I downloaded ADE onto my PC.  I am using Windows XP Professional.  When I double-click the shortcut icon on my desktop to open ADE, the app opens and there is a prompt message as follows:


      Resume Pending Tasks

      One or more downloads are not finished. Do you want to resume pending tasks?


      I click "ok".


      I get this message box as a result:


      Adobe Digital Editions


      Error getting license
      License server communication problem: E_LIC_NO_DISTRIBUTION_RIGHTS


      What does this mean?  I remember registering the program when it prompted me to do so using my Adobe ID login.


      I dont want to order the book again through another vendor although I was tempted through KOBO.  I downloaded the KOBOsetup.exe file, but have not activated it for use since it appears I would have to buy the book again.


      Can anyone help me resolve this?  I'd like to read my book.  I wish it would have just been in PDF format like it's previous edition.


      Thanks in advance.