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    Rendering in AE over network slow



      i have a problem about Rendering in AE over network. I render with an xp an AE CS4 to an samba-Server, then the performance ist o.k. When I rendering to an Windows Server 2003 or NovellOES2 over CIFS the performance ist poor. Another Test with Win7 and AE CS5 have slow performance on all three network-targets. I have a network trace on all scenarios, and the difference between slow an fast rendering is that there are more network packets on the slow rendereing process. AE still ask the server every second packet "QUERY_PATH_INFO" and the server still respond this packages with the path. When rendering with xp, AE ask once QUERY_PATH_INFO and then the client still quit.

      Can some Network or AE Specialist help me about my performance problem?


      with kind regards


      Ingo Marx

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          This is a configuration issue in your servers or in general with your routing. The packets are being rewrapped, vaulted or quarantined or the routing dynamically balanced, not allowing persistent connections. You might consider manually defining permanent IPs and whitelisting your client machines server-side and in any intermediate routers and turn off any internal packet forwarding and specific security features for these connections.