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    Converting Unicode DNG file to Unicode DNG file


      Hi All,


      I am using "Adobe DNG Converter" for converting DNG file type to DNG file type.


      I am using a batch file for conversion. I am able to do this for ASCII file names.

      But when I tried the same with Unicode file names, I am unable to generate the file.


      The command line string used for ASCII file name and Unicode file name are as follows:


      1. "Adobe DNG Converter" -c -p1 -d "C:\DNG" -o "Sample.dng" "2abc.dng"


      2. "Adobe DNG Converter" -c -p1 -d "C:\DNG" -o "狹狷倏猗狹狷倏猗.dng" "狹狷倏猗.dng"


      I am able to convert the file using "1". But unable to perform conversion using "2" one.


      I am able to convert the ASCII and Unicode file names using Adobe DNG Converter GUI.


      Please help me how to form command line string for converting Unicode file names.


      Thanks in advance.