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    Repeater in flash builder / flex 4




      First of all I would like to thank in advance for taking interest in reading this post, cheers!!


      I am an experienced  flash developer and this is one of my first attempts to create a full data driven app in Flex (flash  builder) and I must admit I this project is beginning to give me a headache!


      I am developing an interactive  Tv schedule for a company very similar to this (mundo.es)  and to generate my content I am using  2 added “repeaters” that’s one inside the other….and  with their equivalent  ArrayCollections.


      I have a lot of channels to display (96 in total) , and each row is a channel and every column displays an event with in each respective channel (ie movies, series, football etc) just like in the example of mundo.es


      Now here comes the problem, ……….due to the amount of information that I have to display the render becomes extremely slow to a point whereby my browser even collapses!!  Anything above 10 channels consumes to much resources resulting in browser failure. I presume the problem stands with the way I am trying to display my data via the [bindable] attribute for the repeater object that creates a costly loop thus loading all information at once. If there was a way that I could load my info one step at a time this would definitely solve my problem,


      I would appreciate and feedback or Ideas to solving this,


      Thanks in Advance..