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    Web Services configuration vs. SVN conflicts


      Hi All,


      I've got a problem with using amf php services and svn in my project. The problem exist when i use wizard to configurating web service connection -> Data/Services section in ZendStudio 8.0.0. Many files are autogenerated and the problem is with project.fml file ... this file contains all web service references that are autogenerated when (for example) I add a new method using Data/Services wizard. The fml file is generating randomly and then i have many conflicts that are impossible to resolve. Is there any way to configure this wizard (or don't using this wizard and testing WebService methods in another way)? This fml file must be under version control because contains all web service references (web service, method of web service, input types, return types and all). Solve for example:

      1) is there any way to configure this fml file so as not to hold all the web service references in one file?

      2) better configuring web service references in project and not using a Data/Services wizard?

      Thanks for any help.