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    Very very slow rendering

      Hi, I purchased Pro_Motion_Menu_Kit_02 from precomposed.com, this is to add moving menus to DVDs, it allows you to add your own still images and short film footage (30 secs or so )to personalise it. When i purchased the Menu I had CS4, now Ive got CS5. I never tried the menu with CS4. As of yet Ive only got to the rendering tutorial and put the various items in the render queue and started the render process ( around 8 items). The first item takes over 3 hours to complete so Ive stopped the process as the other 7 items will take around a day to complete. since the instuation of CS5 ive upgraded my graphics card to Nvidia quadro FX 5600 which should be able to cope with the menu easily. Is there something Im doing wrong that makes the rendering process take so long? Im a novice so a number of things could be going wrong. May-be Ive not installed the graphis card so that CS5 recognises it and lets it do some of the processing itself? my OS is windows 7 unlimited and Ive got quad core and 8gb of RAM. This is my first time using after effects as well.
      thanks for reading, hope you can help.
      kind regards