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    Newbie help - advice on project


      Hi there, New to the forums so i apologise if this is in the wrong place.


      I have a university project to do and i'll give you the general gist of what i need to do.


      I have some landrover promotional footage and basically need to create something of interest with it. Including 1 element of graphics. I have decided to do a land rover nature documentary David Attenborough style.


      I have a satellite image of Africa imported into after effects. and want to show the movement of landrovers during a migration. To do this i want to insert a layer of soft transparent light over a section of the image showing where landrovers are, then insert another layer tracking where they move, then another, then another. So it creates a moving image of soft transparant light moving across the continent of Africa - a migration path!


      Firstly can i do this? And if so how?



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you are doing can be done in AE very, very easily. Create a solid layer (white), make a mask on it the size and shape you want (small circle, I'm guessing), change the blending mode and opacity to give it that soft light look you want, and then animate its position.


          As someone new to After Effects, I would highly suggest you go here first. Take a day (or five) and go through all the (free!) resources linked there. Do it BEFORE you start your project. You will be much less frustrated with AE and will have a better end product.

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            bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

            It's not the wrong place, it's just we can't tell you how to work After Effects. That's like asking us to teach you how to write sonnets in French.

            Your description of "soft transparent light" doesn't help much. At its most basic, that's just a shape so open the manual and look for Shapes. Then research how you can make that shape change over time either by keyframing the shape's vertices or by using a mask. Then you can start copying and pasting—layering— copies of the same shape layer. You can add glamorous effects like moving highlights or moving fog or clouds or fractals to the inside of the shape. You can make the shape look like it is floating above the map by adding lights, a camera, and shadows. But using AE's 3D interface requires about 9 times as much study and practice as 2D projects.


            If you are in a college course that teaches After Effects, talk to you instructor for inspiration or get together with your peers in a study group. After Effects is hard, really hard.



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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As Bogiesan says, AE is a hard program. It's difficult to learn because it's rather deep. There are often many ways to do something. For example, look at the answer Dave LaRonde gave you when you asked this question on the Creative COW forums. It will also give you a lighter version of something moving across the screen. It's just different.