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    Output formats and strange borders

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      I've been out of full-scale video production for a while now.  I used to produce hundreds of hours of professional video on tape (BetaCam; S-VHS; etc.) but the last one I made was in 2003  I'm trying to get back into it and I am hoping someone can just answer a few questions for me.


      I made this simple test clip in After Effects (the version that came with Master Collection CS4).




      First, I looked up any HD camera (I picked the Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder).  I pulled the specs (1920 x 1080; I don't actually own any HD camera at the moment), then created some PSD files in that size.  I imported to AE, then made a simple parallax effect.


      I then output it using the settings you will see in the screenshots below.  After output was completed, I tried uploading the AVI file to YouTube but it took forever.  Then, I thought why not just import the AVI to Camtasia, the screen capture software, then upload to YouTube direct using Camtasia's "upload to YouTube" feature.  This seemed to take a lot less time.


      settings.JPG others.JPG


      Anyway, the above link is the end result, which seems to look pretty good.  I am wondering about the black borders when you watch the video direct vs. no borders when you watch the exact same video through my channel.  My questions for AE are:


      1.  Suppose this clip was now needed to be broadcast live on televisions worldwide.  Based on the screenshots above, which output setting would I use for TV broadcast?


      2.  The AVI file for this short clip is huge (2.3 GB).  Based on the screenshots, are there other settings that will work equally well for upload to YouTube?


      3.  Any idea why there are black borders and no black borders when you watch the same clip through a YouTube search vs. on the channel? See additional screenshots below about this.


      Thanks - the Deaf Guy




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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have no idea why your YouTube video has borders when viewed on its own, but not in the channel. I'm afraid I don't use YouTube much for uploading.


          Your resulting file is large because you rendered it uncompressed. This FAQ entry explains a bit more about it.

          Now, that's what I actually would do out of After Effects. The next step (the one you skipped) is to then take that file and compress/encode it for final output. I use Adobe Media Encoder for that step.


          What format you do for broadcast would be up to the station. Each one has somewhat different specs. Often it's some MPEG variant. Sometimes HD channels want it in 720P (cheaters! NOT TRUE HD!!!) some want it in 1080i and some want it in 1080p (that's rather unlikely though).


          For YouTube upload, follow the suggestions on their page for compression and format.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I believe the framing issue is due to YT's advertising overlays. Nothing you can influence. When viewed via a channel, this doesn't occur because any ads are placed in the sidebar. As for the rest - I can only affirm Michaels suggestion of reading the YT FAQ/ help. Most answers can be found there. International offline distribution is a whole different matter and will depend on where and what, so you won't find a simple answer on that anywhere. Even creating a project at HD 1080 24p and then scaling it as needed is not necessarily the best option for everything. therefore ask more specific questions when that need arises.



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              Deaf Mike Level 1

              Thanks for these tips.  Very helpful.

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                Deaf Mike Level 1

                Thanks for these tips.  Very helpful.