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    Suggestions?  How to properly "nest" components/share code



      I have a situation with nested components like this:



      Application (STATE1)

      -----Component_A (STATE2)

      ----------Component_B (STATE2)  <--most of the action is here-->

      ---------------Component_C (STATE2)


      My main problem is that Component_C works fine by itself to control its own properties and methods, but I need it to also dynamically control some TextArea properties (such as visibility) in Component_B.  However, the objects in Component_B are not "know" by the code I use (AS file) to control Component_C.  I'm considering not using Component_C, and just integrating the rectangle/text/buttons box into Component_B, but this will "deModularize" my app which will have about 200 Component_Bs, thus causing me to re-create Component_C (about 200 times) as a object, rather than a component inside Component_B.


      Thanks for taking time to read this - I realize it is lengthy.