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    Help with error


      Digital Editions is new to me. I have purchased and downloaded one ebook so far, and have questions not answered on the Adobe site.


      1) Each time I launch the program, it downloads the ebook. In doing this, an error occurs. It looks like all the content is there, so I don't know why there is an error. In the file location, there are numerous copies of the book: "..._0008.epub, _0009.epub, _0019.epub," etc, likely for each time I've launched and it's downloaded a new copy? Why is this all so messed up?

      I've attached a screenshot of the error here.

      Picture 3.png


      2) The FAQs state I do not need to be online to use DE. If the book "downloads" each time I launch, how does that work?

      3) Is there a way to view the document as a "book" on the screen (like facing pages, with view options like a PDF?). The type is enormous, and you seem to just scroll endlessly until the end. This is rather awkward, and gives an aimless, drifting quality to the reading experience. I can't tell when I click the downward scroll arrow if the content flows seamlessly or if sentences are overlapping. It's not enjoyable.


      Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.