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    When I try to download a e-book I get a error message


      When I click the open button when trying to download a e-book, the message says, Adobe reader could not open 'name of book [1].acsm' because it is either not a supportrd file type oe because the file has been damaged(for exapmle it was an e-mailattachment and wasn't correctly decoded.

      I have Adobe Digital Reader, and I authorized my computer for this site.

      I clean my cookies several times a day, so that is noy my problem.

      About two weeks ago I downloaded a book to my computer and then to my nook with no problem.

      I have reinstalled both the Adobe Digital Reader and Adobe Reader

      On my computer I have:

      Adobe Reader 9

      Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X

      Java 6 Update 22

      Windows 7

      Internet Explorer 8

      How can I fix this problem?