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    Clip Frame Number


      I apologize if this is a dumb question...


      I can't figure out an easy way to see the frame number of the current clip in the timeline. For example, say I create a sequence, then I drop 3 clips into the timeline, each are 100 frames long.  I then scrub to frame 150 in the timeline, which is frame 50 of the second clip.  Is there a viewing option I can turn on somewhere to view this number (50 in this case)?  Currently I'm always doing math in my head to calculate this - which is the current sequence frame number minus the frame number of the start of the clip.  The reason why I'd like to see this is when using the dynamic link to After Effects, sometimes I need to do an effect at an exact frame which lines up to the audio track in premier.  When you go into After effects, you can't see the audio track, so you have to go off frame number alone which I usually get by doing the math I mentioned above.  Hopefully that makes sense.