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    OMF export problems


      I created a very simple session in AA Mac (4 tracks with no more than 5 clips per track, 16 clips total, no fades or plugins) and exported it via OMF.  The OMF export dialog told me that one of the clips is not the proper length (didn't say which clip is the problem) and said that the OMF may not have exported properly.  Upon importing into Nuendo 5.1 I was missing 5 of the clips and AA's OMF export had put extremely long fades on two of the clips in addition to long tails (over an hour) on to several others.  I then went back to AA, eliminated the clips that had exported properly and did a second export with a different name, received the same error message from AA.  Imported that into Nuendo and had similar troubles, now only 1 clip missing, extra long tails on one clip.  I then went back to AA and eliminated the clips that came over and exported the one remaining clip, this time with no warnings upon export.  Imported in Nuendo fine.  I then tried to import the same OMF into ProTools LE 8.04 via DV Toolkit 2 and got an "OMF parsing error" message; the AA OMF only imported 7 of the 16 clips into ProTools.  Going back to Nuendo, I trimmed off the excess added silence on the clips that came over with that addition and then attempted to pull that added audio back out via Nuendo's clip handle but the excess that AA's OMF export added is no longer available.  All in all a very weird OMF problem for sure.  John.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Very weird.  While significant improvements have been made to the OMF engine following this public beta release, I'm surprised you've had such an experience.  Is there a chance you can send one of the problem OMFs to us via e-mail to audbugs@adobe.com ?  I would like to share this with our OMF developers and see if they can determine what may be happening.

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            dogandponyshow Level 1

            Due to the size of the OMF files I put them on our FTP and sent a link to the email address you provided.  John.

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              Charles VW Adobe Employee

              Hi John, I looked at these and the bug about "clips not being of the proper length" should be fixed in the actual release.  It is possible in Audition that the audio file is shorter than the clip that references it.  However, OMF doesn't allow that, so we need to be truncating those clips in those cases.


              Otherwise, how has OMF import/export been working for you?