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    Combining Flex Modules & Libraries

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      *** 12/29/2010: Solved through experimentation: I appear to be getting the desired effect by compiling the modules, which are in a separate project, with linkage to the libraries set for "RSL". So it looks like the modules automagically load the needed RSL's at runtime. Very cool!  


      In the quest to reduce the loading time of our flex app to the shortest possible we want to convert several components into modules and load them, along with the libraries they need only when needed.


      I am trying to understand how to build such loadable modules with flex libraries where several of these modules modules use the same libraries and to get the modules and libraries to load at the same time. The concrete example is we have three modules that all use AdvancedDataGrid - only these modules use the advanceddatagrid and the associated datavisualization.swf so we dont want to load all that initially with the main app.


      So, were trying to figure out how to get these modules to load along with the needed datavisualization.swf library. I cant see it being compiled into the module since all three modules use it and all three would be larger than necessary. How do we go about getting the dependent library to load only once with the first module?


      Cant seem to find anythng specific on dealing with Modules and libraries, any pointers would be extremely helpful.





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