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    Re-Downloading CS5 Design Suite?



        I need some assistance for my download of the CS5 Design Standard Suite.  I downloaded the Suite from Adobe to my MacBook Pro in June of 2010. However, While trying to partition my hard drive in order to run Windows, I found out that I will need to re-install Snow Leopard the hard drive in order to actually partition the drive. This means that the Adobe Standard Suite will get wiped from my computer. I went onto the Adobe website to check my download history and it says that I have not downloaded anything from the website. However when I go to my Product Registration page it shows me that I have the serial numbers for both Adobe Design Standard and Adobe Acrobat Professional. My question is how do I re-download both of these onto my freshly wiped computer? Will I have to pay for them again or is there another option? Any help is greatly appreciated!