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    Premiere Elements 9 - Common file types (AVI, JPG, MP3, etc.) not recognized

    Mark Gay

      I just recently upgraded my system to Windows 7 64 bit (with 8 GB of RAM), and loaded the Photoshop/Premiere Elements 9 combo pack. I have run both versions 7 and 8 in the past with only minimal memory issues under Vista 32 bit with 4 GB of RAM, but no issues as far as loading AVI's, jpgs, mp3s, wav, etc file types. With this new version Photoshop Elements appears to work ok, but in Premiere Elements, I can not load any common file types without getting the error "Generic Failure - This type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed". The other issue is that after I load the media from a given folder on my main drive "C", it's looking for the media in a folder on my "D" drive??? I tried to work this out through customer support, but was unsuccessful. This last time I called, they wanted to charge $24 for the call. I complained to the support person that they had never really solved my issue on previous calls so he suggested using the forum. Has anyone run into these issues?


      I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the software and have loaded all of the current updates, but I am not able to use Premiere Elements in it's current state. Any help will be appreciated...(note, this is the only application that I am currently having issues with on my upgraded system - all other software - probably 25 plus apps including Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v 10, which I may have to switch to entirely, appear to be working well).


      Thanks in advance for your help!