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    can't capture sound


      I am trying to capture video off my sony handycam using premiere cs5 and the blackmagic Decklink PCI card. I can capture video, but no sound. I cannot hear the sound through premiere in the capture window. My decklink settings are set for S video and analog XLR audio. I have the audio plugged into the decklink breakout cable using the analog audio in plugs and a 1/4" audio jack adapter to the component audio cable going to the camera. Any ideas?


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Not familiar with the setting on the BM card, but the first thing that I would check would be the cables and any connectors. When hooking to your TV's receiver with the same cables, do you get good Audio?


          Good luck, and maybe someone else can help troubleshoot the BM card and settings.