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    URGENT! Please help


      Please, I need help.


      Computer: MacBook Pro i7

      purchased CS5

      Camera Sony FX1000

      Imported footage: 24p HD


      Project: HD 1080p 24



      So, I'm doing this promo vid for a company and something is wrong while editing and rendering. i have a week to make it.


      After viewing all my footage, it looks all smooth and its in 24p, but when I put it in the timeline and play it with the clips I want, its all choppy.

      I know sometimes the footage could be a little choppy because of memory and processing but thats not it.

      When I render my footage its still choppy...it looks like its like 15-20 fps rather then my normal 24fps.


      Is it something i did wrong while starting the project?

      Is my footage bad?



      1- Footage in the preview window is smooth, but once in the timeline and reviewed on other window its all choppy

      2- After rendering in 24p and in HD, in high quality, the video and footage is still choppy.


      Does anyone have this problem?

      Im sorry for being so blunt and stuff but this video needs to be done in a week and i have no idea what is going on. its the first time this happened.


      Thank you everyone if you can help!