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    Contribute (CS5) thinks it can't see my internet.

    laurelVISION Level 1

      I looked around a bit and didn't see anyone else with the same errors. Hopefully this is just one of those issues where there's a checkbox somewhere I'm not checking, or vice versa.


      I just installed Contribute CS5 today and have been trying to connect it to one of my websites (for which I regularly use a free FTP program).

      Contribute can't seem to see my internet connection at all. When I type in a website in the Connections wizard, I get a popup box telling me "Contribute cannot find this ... would you like to try to connect anyway?"

      I hit Yes and enter my FTP login information. On the next screen, I can hit "Choose" and see all my ftp folders for the site, but if I choose one and hit Next, I get a popup box saying "Contribute cannot verify your connection information. <website> Please contact your administrator for assistance."


      I hit Cancel and go to Help, which opens Adobe Community Help, and get a popup saying "The requested page requires an internet connection." and it won't load anything.


      Also, attempting to browse to any website through Contribute does not work, I get "This page cannot be displayed" errors for any website I try, including Adobe pages.

      Obviously my internet connection is working, as I am posting this message. I opened my regular FTP program and verified that I can indeed connect using that.



      Sorry that was a little long-winded.. has anyone else ever had the same strange error? Is there something I'm not doing particularly right?