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    Jittery MC movement problem with AS 2.0


      Pardon me if this is a simple, obvious thing that I'm missing, but I'm out of options after searching all over the place for an answer. I'm having trouble with something that used to work fine for me in previous versions of Flash (MX and CS3), but now that I'm updating my website using CS4, I'm encountering a problem, that didn't exist before.


      I'm trying to slide a movie clip that contains buttons horizontally at varying speed based on the distance from the middle of the screen. Everything worked fine when I did it years ago, but the movement of the sliding MC now is very jittery. Even old versions of my website when loaded into CS4 appear jittery even though they didn't years ago.


      I tried everything I could think of....


      1. increasing the fps from 30 to 60 or higher
      2. publishing at various settings: player version, AS version, hardware acceleration, etc.
      3. placing all images/MCs on round numbers instead of floats
      4. changing the _quality setting to "BEST"


      So I boiled the problem down to its most basic element, I took everything out and created a single MC with two images on it moving to the right via onClipEvent in the following code embedded in the MC:




      onClipEvent(load) {
      _quality = "BEST";


      onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
      this._x +=2;






      Both images and the MC are on round numbers and the _x increment is a round number: 2. 30 fps, published as Flash 8, AS 2.0, saved as a CS4 .FLA document. Image smoothing is on.


      Here is a link to the exported sample:




      If you watch the clip, wait until the photos go out of frame... at some point, the movement will be jittery.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have some nice, new photos I'd like to add to my site and this problem is driving me crazy! Thank you.