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    Error copying application.xml icons: .../bin-release/assets/icons' does not exist

    Shubhra Bhushan Level 1



      Whenever I try to export the release build I get error from COmpiler during the process that "Error copying application.xml icons: Resource '/Project_Name/bin-release/assets/icons' does not exist."  I have specified 4 icons in the -app.xml file of sizes 16,32,48,128 which exist in the path specified and files are not corrupt. I have checked and unchecked the compiler directive "Copy non-embedded resources in the Output file" but that has not helped too.


      Can somebody please advise what do I do in this situation?

      We are using

      FB4 with Flex Hero(4.5) SDK and java heap space specified in .ini files is 1224m


      This is somewhat urgent guys...