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    AdvancedDataGrid LOV




         We are working on an advanceddatagrid functionality where we have extended the functionality of advanceddatagrid to include a LOV (which displays user_id, name and email_address). The user can select either the user_id or name to populate all the 3 fields.


      The user can add any number of rows by clicking on 'Add' Button


      1. When the user enters a user id or name and hits tab button, it populates all the 3 fields correctly.
      2. When the user enters a user id or name in the 1st row and clicks on the 2nd row, the 2nd row becomes active and the data gets populated in the second row instead of 1st row. This is a bug reported by our user. We are unable to find a solution for this.



      Any help or comments is highly appreciated!!!


      Thanks in advance