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    PRE 8 DVD template functions partially in PRE 9: no highlighting

    Harry K

      I've recently upgraded from Premiere Elements 8 to Premiere Elements 9.


      My custom DVD template (which I use for a particular series of DVD's) that I use for PRE 8 doesn't work fully within PRE 9. The main menu consists of 4 images and 2 text items ("Play All" and "Scenes"). In the disk menu, everything looks fine and seems to be working. During the burning of the DVD on a blank DVD-RW, there are no errors.


      When I put the DVD in my Sony DVD player, I've found no problems other than that the main menu functions partially: I can navigate through the items, but the highlighting of the active element only works for the 2 text elements. For the 4 pictures, the highlighting doesn't work (navigation does work for the pictures).


      Two things I noticed:

      1) None of the pre-defined DVD templates uses pictures in the main menu. I wonder why.

      2) A quick look into the PSD templates suggests a change in the name conventions.


      Does anybode else have this problem?