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    Echo on playback of audio track using CS5


      I am using premiere pro CS5 for editing Mini DV footage captured via a JVC BR-DV3000 VCR and all works as I expected.


      I have recently been trying to capture analogue material using a Panasonic VHS player connected via conventional audio/video (red and white plugs and Y/C S 5 pin) to the above MiniDV VCR and then connected to my PC via Firewire.


      All looked to be working as expected until I tried to play back the footage from the Premiere timeline.  Pictures were fine but the audio was full of loud echo's.  I have listened to the sound both through my mixer and audio speaker set up and also directly through headphones plugged into the computer and both display the same echo features.


      My PC is Windows 7 (64bit), loads of memory and processing power and a NVidia GeForce GTX 245  Everything else seem to work OK.


      Has anybody any ideas  on what is cuaing this and how I hcan overcome the problen please.